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14 Days In January, 2014 - Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA

What A Difference A Day Can Make ...

This body of work was made along the Cambridge side of the Charles River, Boston, MA, USA over a period of fourteen days. The project is an outgrowth of previous work along this stretch of the river over the prior ten years.

I continue to be inspired by Hokusai’s famous series of woodblock prints, 36 Views of Mount Fuji. His series about Japanese life is grounded by the familiar presence of Mount Fuji.

My constant is the Charles River, with familiar waypoints of the multi-hued boats, the Boston Skyline and the Longfellow Bridge. This project came about over 14 days, during a period of rapidly changing winter weather conditions. The dramatic changes in mood, light and color seen in such a brief strech of time, simply astounded me.

The project is broken down into foutteen chapters representing each day.
Additionally there are the front & back covers and three chapters progressing across days.

I hope that this project conveys some of the sense of awe I experienced over these 14 days.

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Yellow Kayak on Yellow (Front Cover) - 14 Days in January, 2014Yellow Kayak on Blue (Back Cover) - 14 Days in January, 2014