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I am a Photographer based in Boston, MA, USA.

I received a BA in Studio Art (printmaking, woodblock (relief) printing, etching and engraving) in 1988 from Brandeis University, but transitioned to photography and photographic printmaking in 1999. I make my living as a Psychiatrist in clinical and public health practices. Part of the appeal of photography as a visual medium for me is that it allows me to engage with the world in a process of art making, while also living a life that primarily consists of taking care of others.  I’m interested in long-term, intimate relationships, with both people and places, over time.  My current interests consist of projects or stories that can be categorized into three general areas:

1. I make meditative, graphically composed work, and often made in the late hours, over years.  I consider these projects my “Thirty-Six Views” (although not always 36!), inspired by Hokusai’s famous series of woodblock prints, “36 Views of Mount Fuji”.  His was a series about Japanese life, always grounded by the familiar presence of Mount Fuji. My "Mount Fuji" is the Cambridge side of the Charles River, with its familiar landmarks of the multi-hued sailing boats, the Boston Skyline and the Longfellow Bridge.  I find this location personally meditative, and in that continued slow engagement with a familiar place, unseen visual beauty can emerge.

2. I am an active contributing artist in FIGMENT Boston, as a part of the “Real Time Art Show”. FIGMENT is an annual urban celebration of participatory art, free to the community, grounded in 11 principles: participation, decommodification, Inclusion, self-expression, self-reliance, giving, civic responsibility, leave no trace, immediacy, & gratitude.  My photographs within this project are made while engaging with other participants who are both making art and engaging with art during this annual burst of freely shared creativity.

3. Finally, I make dynamic, interactive work, of people, going about their lives in cities. In many ways, this body of work combines the formal and the personal elements such that the subject is equally the people and their urban environment. Travel is often the catalyst for these projects, most recently, connecting with people in the streets of Paris, Istanbul and Havana. Of course, there are always images from Boston.

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