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These photographs tell my story of Figment 2012, as a participant photographer in the "Real Time Art Show" on the Rose Kennedy Greenway In Boston, MA, USA on July 27-28, 2012.

The Real Time Art Show is a group social photography effort, documenting other artists, performers, participants and spectators during the weekend's festivities. We photographed, edited, printed and displayed our photographs in real time during the event, starting from nothing and ending up with hundreds of images displayed. The displayed images , collectively edited, are posted in another gallery, but this gallery contains my own picks and favorites from the day. All of these images can also be seen in other galleries on the site, subdivided by the pictured artist and performers.

We are looking forward to reprising the Real Time Art Show at future Figment projects in Boston and New York.

Figment is an annual participatory art celebration that occurs in multiple cities across the country.

You can find more information about Figment 2012 Boston at http://bit.ly/Nb5t0p

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Figment 2012, Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston, MA, USA

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