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Visit The Fuller Craft Museum, a hidden gem of Boston, for a family-friendly FIGMENT collaboration on Thursday, February 23 2017! In partnership with the Fuller's Jewelry of the Playa exhibit featuring Burning Man artisans, FIGMENT Boston brings participatory art the whole family can enjoy.
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Uggly Bugglies
Eric Bornstein – Behind the Mask
A Mask making workshop for all ages. Participants will make Buggly masks from simple materials, and have them ready to wear in an hour.

The Door – The Welcome Project
Melissa Nussbaum Freeman
Participants will see a door in its frame on a portable platform. There is a Spanish/English sign: Curioso? Curious? Participants usually look behind the door where the actor is waiting. The actor asks if they are curious and if so invites participant to knock. The goal of the project is to encourage social engagement with public spaces, particularly institutions.

Mobile Happily Distribution Center presents: Anti-Sadily Airplanes
By American Family Happily Institute
In this brand-new iteration of Anti-Sadily Airplanes, audience-participants will be given materials and led through processes to make their own tool for practicing a form of mindfulness meditation and creative visualization, helpful skills for emotional self-regulation and goal-setting. To avoid any negative associations, words like mindfulness, meditation, self-regulation, or visualization are avoided. Concepts are presented in unique fictional idioms or plain language.
For this workshop-style interactive performance, the character Breeana Be, Intuitive Psychoanalyst, an empathetic, bohemian type, leads audience-participants in construction of their own specialized paper airplane. It uses a story-telling, comedic style accessible to both adults and children from diverse backgrounds and experience levels.
This piece will reference the tactile sense-memory of breezes, color/patterns in the Wooden Quilt Sculptures of Laura Petrovich-Cheney currently featured at the Fuller, and the kinesthetic learning style. All materials will be provided by AFHI: pre-printed paper airplane templates, crayons, and oil pastels. Each participant will leave with their own personally decorated airplane.

Hacker Mosaic Workshop
Melissa Glick
Recycling old tech components to create unusual abstract mosaics. There are floppy parts that bend and parts with holes cut out of them. There are shiny parts, round parts, green parts, long parts, short parts. By thinking about the characteristics of the parts, you can create patterns and design a composition that is eye catching and fun. So pick out colors and shapes you like and think will look good together and we will make a Hacker Junk Mosaic!

The Real Time Art Show
RTAS is an experiment in social photography. Our goal is to create a printed gallery of Figment that is created in actual time, and is altered over the course of the event. The project asks Figment participants to contribute to the gallery in various ways: as photographers, subjects of photography, and curators of photographs. It's a manned art gallery of photos from the event. We will continue taking and editing pictures throughout the event.

Freestyle Drum Circle
Totem Faehy & The Gypsyrock Monkeys
All ages & skill levels welcome. Let’s spontaneously create rhythms and movement in an inclusive and playful way. Extra drums and noise-makers will be available.

The Boston Hoop Troop
Featuring Lollihoops
New England's premier hooping collective who teach classes, perform and host hoop jams in the Boston area. The Hoop Troop has brought the hoop scene to life in Boston since 2003. Performance and learning workshop – extra hoops will be available.

Tutu Station
A Multi-colored costuming extravaganza of tulle and twirls to brighten your day.

Face Painting
Tara Fairey will transform any face into a masterpiece of color and gesture.

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