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Created 15-Jul-12
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I made these photographs as a participant in the "Real Time Art Show" at Figment, 2011, on the Rose Kennedy Greenway In Boston, MA, USA on June 4-5, 2011. You can see my post of 07/21/2012 for details about Figment and the Real Time Art Show

Most experiences at Figment have an outside-of-the-box quality that make the weekend a wonderful combination of delightful, surprising, breathtaking and absurd. While on a smaller scale than its inspiration, Burning Man, Figment takes the ordinary and casts it in an unexpected light. This series captures the passage of time with simple chalk silhouettes of the most ordinary street lamps outside of Boston's South Station

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Figment Boston 2011Figment Boston 2011Figment Boston 2011Figment Boston 2011Figment Boston 2011Figment Boston 2011